Living Your Life With Unlimited Creativity & Energy – DDG005

Dr. Epler, Harvard professor, uses evidence-based science to clear up misconceptions about how to eat for health and explains how to rev up your personal energy generator. His tips for energizing your life will show you how to keep going strong all day, every day, while shedding pounds and reducing your disease risk. We talk about the information presented in his book, FUEL FOR LIFE: Creating Level-10 Energy. Things like:… Read More »

How To Outguess & Outwit Just About Everybody – DDG004

Find out how you can use the predictability of others to turn life’s odds in your favor. William Poundstone shares a wealth of surprising tips that will help you with everything from acing multiple choice tests to beating the stock market. Rock Breaks Scissors, his new book shows that people are predictable, even when they try not to be. So, check this episode and… don’t be so predicatable.

Stop Online Thieves & Predators In Their Tracks – DDG003

Learn how to safely and successfully navigate the online world, protect yourself, your children, your privacy and your communications, clean up and leverage your online image for social and career success, develop relationships online, and learn to vet if someone is who they claim to be online. Tyler Cohen Wood shares this and more as we discuss her book, Catching the Catfishers.

What Is The Big Fat Surprise About What You Are Eating? – DDG002

For decades, Americans have cut back on red meat and dairy products full of “bad” saturated fats. We complied with nutritional guidelines to eat “heart healthy” fats found in olive oil, fish, and nuts, following a Mediterranean diet heavy on fruits, vegetables, and grains. Yet the nation’s health has declined. What went wrong? Nina Teicholz has penned a 500 page tome that attempts to reveal the answers. It calls into… Read More »

Lessons From The King of Pop AKA Michael Jackson – DDG001

What can you learn from the triumphs and tragedies of Michael Jackson? We all know about the sensational side of the pop icon, but how did he go about taking care of business? Find out as we welcome Zack Greenburg, author of Michael Jackson, Inc. The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of a Billion-Dollar Empire. Lot’s of stuff to chew on with this episode… including some whimsical tidbits Zack learned from… Read More »