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Vital Signs – The Nature and Nurture of Passion DDG024

  Michael McEvoy interviews Gregg Levoy about how passion plays out in our lives. In Gregg’s new book, Vital Signs, both passion and dis-passion are explored. Are you engaged or dis-engaged? Either way, you will discover that passion can be cultivated. Learn how to become dynamically passionate. It is your birthright.

Falling Short: The Coming Retirement Crisis – DDG023

  Host Michael McEvoy, talks with Andy Eschtruth about the challenges facing the 50% of Americans who will not have enough money to retire. Find out what you can do to avoid being one of them. Andy offers common sense solutions that will have you sleeping better at night.

We are Better Than This (U.S. Debt Problem) – DDG022

Ok, so the U.S. has 54 Trillion in total debt. Will it ever be paid back? What does such a large debt mean for the average Joe, and their future going forward. Big issue, big problem… but not insurmountable according to our guest Ed Kleinbard.

The Gen Z Effect: Six Forces Shaping The Future Of Business – DDG021

Tom Koulopoulos Joins host Michael McEvoy for a deep dive into the subject of The Gen Z Effect. It’s not just another generational behavior book – you’ll learn that to stay relevant you must become Gen Z.

People Tools: Strategies For A Better Life – DDG015

It’s as is you have a wise uncle that gives you lots of shortcuts to living a better life. That’s what People Tools is about. Alan Fox joins Michael McEvoy, discussing time-proven techniques that you can use to build a better, happier, more successful life. 54 tools are presented in his book, in chapters that can be accessed in any order, at anytime… perfect for busy people looking for fast and effective… Read More »

The Real Cost of Fracking: Threatening People, Pets, and Our Food? – DDG014

Fracking: “The process of injecting liquid at high pressure into subterranean rocks, boreholes, etc., so as to force open existing fissures and extract oil or gas”. Do we really know what the ramifications are for our health and the environment when it comes to fracking practices around the world? Is what we are being presented about the benefits and risks associated with the these practices unbiased. Michelle Bamberger and Robert Oswald… Read More »

The Low Carb Fraud: The Link Between High Protein Diets & Disease – DDG013

Just when you thought you had the “right” diet, another book or study pops up that tells you that you have it all wrong. Good carbs, bad carbs… high protein, low protein. Can we please just have an informed answer? T Colin Campbell, author of The China Study, and The Low Carb Fraud lends his 50 plus years as a nutritional researcher to getyou on the right path toward a… Read More »

Caffeinated: Are you addicted to America’s most popular drug? – DDG012

Do you always have a coffee, soda, or energy drink in hand? Then you must be a caffeine-addict! Murray Carpenter reveals just how pervasive caffeine is in the world. He shares with us the positive effects of caffeine – from increasing alertness and boosting our moods to – it’s downside including health issues and corporate tactics to keep us hooked.  

The Look of Success: Do you have the right attitude? – DDG011

  What is success and how do you achieve it? Karissa Thomas shares with us the steps and tips on how to achieve and sustain sucess by having the right mental attitude and the conviction to “make it happen”. Join host Michael McEvoy as Karissa Thomas spreads some infectious “can do” spirit and practical know-how to help you take it to the next level.    

Navigating the Growth Curve: Achieving Sustainable Business Growth – DDG010

Find out what it takes to create and sustain a profitable business as host Michael McEvoy interviews James Fischer, a business consultant with over 30 years of experience, consulting with over 1000 small and large businesses. The game changes as you grow! Navigating the Growth Curve gives you the tools you need to know to avoid becoming a casualty of your own business success. For a limited time James Fischer is… Read More »