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The Look of Success: Do you have the right attitude? – DDG011

  What is success and how do you achieve it? Karissa Thomas shares with us the steps and tips on how to achieve and sustain sucess by having the right mental attitude and the conviction to “make it happen”. Join host Michael McEvoy as Karissa Thomas spreads some infectious “can do” spirit and practical know-how to help you take it to the next level.    

How To Pick Yourself Up When Your Life Implodes – DDG006

Russ Whitney had it all… a $250 million business he built from scratch… millions of dollars in real estate holdings… a mansion, cars, private jet… and a loving family. Then suddenly, in 2008, his life imploded. Whitney was forced out of the company he founded, his marriage unraveled, his relationship with his kids became strained, and he turned to alcohol for comfort. Learn what it took for him to turn… Read More »

Living Your Life With Unlimited Creativity & Energy – DDG005

Dr. Epler, Harvard professor, uses evidence-based science to clear up misconceptions about how to eat for health and explains how to rev up your personal energy generator. His tips for energizing your life will show you how to keep going strong all day, every day, while shedding pounds and reducing your disease risk. We talk about the information presented in his book, FUEL FOR LIFE: Creating Level-10 Energy. Things like:… Read More »

What Is The Big Fat Surprise About What You Are Eating? – DDG002

For decades, Americans have cut back on red meat and dairy products full of “bad” saturated fats. We complied with nutritional guidelines to eat “heart healthy” fats found in olive oil, fish, and nuts, following a Mediterranean diet heavy on fruits, vegetables, and grains. Yet the nation’s health has declined. What went wrong? Nina Teicholz has penned a 500 page tome that attempts to reveal the answers. It calls into… Read More »